Bow Wow Wow began in 1980 when the infamous Malcolm McLaren convinced 3/4 of Adam and the Ants to leave Adam and start a new band. With the addition of vocalist  Annabella Lwin, the group went on to have such hits as “I Want Candy” and “Do You Wanna Hold Me?”

Have they remained consistently active over the years?

No, the group originally ended in 1983.  Guitarist Matthew Ashman, bassist Leigh Gorman and drummer David Barbarossa briefly continued working togethers as Chiefs of Relief (with Ashman singing).

Ashman died in 1995 from complications of diabetes, but in 1997 Lwin and Gorman toured as Bow Bow Bow (Barbarossa was busy with Republica, but did later perform with them to commemorate the  fifteenth anniversary of Ashman’s death.)

Current status

The current incarnation of Bow Bow Wow features Gorman as the only original member. Lwin continues to perform and release music. Barbarossa is still involved with music and in 2012 released his first novel, Mud Sharks

Bow Wow Wow in 2013

Anabella Lwin in 2013

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