Information Society  are best known for their freestyle hit “Running” and the synth pop classic “What’s on Your Mind (Pure Energy).” The third album, “Peace And Love, Inc” (1992) would prove to be their last with their original core line-up for over 20 years.  Frontman Kurt Harland continued with the Information Society name for 1997’s “Don’t Be Afraid” and in 2006 Paul Robb and James Cassidy restarted the project with Christopher Anton on vocals.

Due to his limited availability for recording at the time, Harland had given his band his blessing to record without him. But he did appear on one track from the 2007 “Synthesizer” album, “Seeds of Pain,” and soon returned to the fold for live performances. This ultimately lead to the trio of Robb, Cassidy, and Harland working together again on new material.

“Around 2006/2007 we did some shows with Kurt for a radio station in NY, and it was so much fun that we started accepting a few more shows, and a few more shows,” explained Robb in an interview. “That eventually led to 2009, when we did a mini-tour, and one of the shows in Philadelphia was recorded for a live DVD that we released. That’s probably when we first started talking casually about doing some new material. It’s just taken us this long to get down to it and finish some stuff up.”

Information Society put out a new single, “Land of the Blind,” in March 2014 and a new album, “_hello world,” in September 2014. Included on the album was a cover of the Devo classic “Beautiful World” with Devo member Gerald V Casale on vocals.

“It was easy working with Paul Robb and the ‘IS’ crew on Beautiful World,” Casale told Chaos Control Digizine. “They styled the song the way Devo might have done had we written it now. Thoroughly enjoyable experience.”

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