While Spandau Ballet are most remembered for the pop-ballad “True,” they have also had some great up-tempo songs like “Chant No. 1,” “Instinction” and “To Cut a Long Story Short.” They were very much associated with the ‘new romantic’ style of the early 80’s, with much in common musically with acts such as ABC and Duran Duran.

Have they remained consistently active over the years?

No, the group initially disbanded after their 1989 “Heart Like a Sky” album. Brothers Gary and Martin Kemp acted together in the movie “The Krays” and went on to do other film work. Various Spandau Ballet members embarked on other musical projects before coming together again in 2009 for a comeback tour. That year, they also released ‘Once More,’ an album featuring reworked versions of old songs plus two new ones.


Current status

In 2014, they were at the SXSW conference in their first US performance since 1985. Spandau Ballet were promoting the release of “Soul Boys of The Western World,” a documentary film about their early years, as well as the CD re-release of the album “True.” The group has now embarked on a full “Soul Boys of The Western World” world concert tour, hitting North America in early 2015 before proceeding the the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

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